Alamotape:  Custom WordPress Website

As part of their rebranding campaign for Alamotape, Franke+Fiorella came to me to develop a highly customized WordPress website with an extensive catalog of products. There are several application category pages, each with product categories, sub-categories, and tech and sales sheets. Central to the site is a product finder component that works smoothly on both mobile and desktop devices. On the back end WordPress dashboard, the site owners can add or remove products and categories, reorder and recategorize them, modify their descriptions, update their tech sheets, and flag them as new and/or featured items. They also have the ability to add or remove team members on the about page. All without breaking the layout or style of the pages. Additionally, the site includes a responsive featured video component, a news blog, and a responsive pop-out CTA/contact form.

alamotape alamotape alamotape